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How to Use Whatsapp for Business Promotion & Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing Guide to Multiplying Your Business Promotion & Marketing


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by Dev Dev in WhatsApp Marketing Guide
February 5, 2017 0 comments

WhatsApp Marketing Guide for Business Promotions

If you have been thinking about using WhatsApp as a marketing medium. Then, here’s the list of advantages of using WhatsApp as a marketing channel:

Operate WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns on Your Desktop or Web browser

There are so many tools, scripts, and software now available for WhatsApp marketing that you can operate on your own PC or even a web based server.

Send Unlimited WhatsApp Messages Using Channels

WhatsApp Channels are dedicated pre-activated WhatsApp phone numbers that you can use into your software to send messages. There are several solutions available that allow you to register these channels automatically with the integration of SMS Gateway APIs which provide virtual phone numbers to register these numbers on WhatsApp.

Multiple Your Business by Sending WhatsApp Promotional Messages

Literally, gone are those days where you had to manually add each of your contacts in your phone number. And then, message each contact one by one. Using WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools now you can send automated WhatsApp marketing messages using WhatsApp channels added into your choice of software

Send 1000s of messages on autopilot

You don’t have to select each of your contacts one by one. Nowadays, software are capable of 1000s of messages within no time.

Best way to reach your prospects, clients & customers

Even if you want to run a Facebook Ads campaign, its costs you a lot. And let’s say you decide to run Google AdWords campaign. You have to pay so high for every click because of the competition bidding for the same keywords on Google. And even if you have tried SMS Marketing, then you know how many people actually read SMS these days (I don’t, and do you). But, when it comes to WhatsApp. Whenever you get a message on your WhatsApp number. You open your chat box and read the message! That’s why it’s undoubtedly the best way right now to reach your list of contacts.

Now You Can Get Automated Channel Generation Done

Gone are those days when we had to manually insert single SIM card into your cell phone, and then register that phone number as a WhatsApp Channel for marketing it using your tool for sending messages. Now, you have built-in integration and automated process to register these WhatsApp Channels.

Directly Communicate With Your Offers To Your Clients

Now, you don’t need to use any third party service or application which doesn’t provide¬†you the privacy of your database. Which sometimes can be stolen, sold and re-sold to your competitors by the service provider. You can have your dedicated WhatsApp software, tools, scripts working on your own setup, that restricts any such breach of security and privacy of your valuable & private database of qualified prospects & clients.

Get Immediate Feedback on Your Last Campaign

Unlike, most of the marketing campaigns like SEO campaigns, etc. which takes sometimes days to months to know the results. WhatsApp marketing campaigns get you the feedback and responsiveness of your campaigns within seconds. You can see the direct impact of your marketing campaigns within seconds the messages are sent using the system. And hence, after getting the feedback from your previous campaigns. You can take note, and improve your next marketing campaigns. Only focusing on the best marketing campaigns and weed the rest nonperforming ones.

Multiple Formats: Text, Images, Videos, Audio & even GPS Locations

Unlike SMS Marketing where you are restricted to 160 characters text message. You can send more than 2500 character messages using WhatsApp when sending a text message. That’s more than 20 times more than what you could have accomplished using a normal SMS. And talk about engagement with sending images & videos with special offers, one time deals, engaging content? You can do all that with multiple media formats which no other marketing tool can provide so quickly.

Minimize Your Costs & Maximize Your Profits

You can count on your fingers any marketing medium, whether that’s Facebook which can costs you more than a dollar to get a click, vs Google AdWords which costs you multiple $ to get a single click, vs SMS marketing which costs you few cents to send small, nonengaging messages. WhatsApp messages costs you a dime in comparison to all the marketing channels open to you right now vs how cost effective it is. And how profitable your campaigns can be anytime you collect a responsive & positive lead reply back to your messages.

Reach Customers Across The Globe At Same Cost

Unlike SMS marketing where you get different pricing for sending messages to different set of countries. Since; WhatsApp doesn’t work on any telecom operator but just needs an internet connection for the receiver to stay online. You can reach anyone across the globe whether it’s someone residing in the USA or any GCC country like Dubai, Qatar, Oman or Jordan or any Asian country like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand or you want to reach any europian country like France, United Kingdom, or Switzerland. From developed countries to a developing country. You only pay one cost for all. And these allows you to reduce your marketing costs and gives you access to reach the globe at the same cost. Which other marketing channel do you know that allows you to do that? None. Period.

Increase Your Sales, Revenue & Profits

You can generate new clients using WhatsApp. You can re-activate old clients by engaging with unique & creative promotional messages. You can even upsell, cross-sell, down-sell your clients with special offers. Which in exchange increases your bottom line per customer or a client. There are so many ways that you can turn your losing campaigns into profitable campaigns with WhatsApp. Your imagination is the only restriction stopping you from taking advantage of WhatsApp marketing.

Finally, it’s the cheapest form of marketing

In today’s economy, where we have tighter marketing budgets, and limited scope of investment for our marketing campaigns. WhatsApp is the most direct, most cost effective, most engaging, most responsive, most multiplying way for marketing your business for no matter what you are trying to sell, promote, and profit from.

If you are not using WhatsApp as a marketing avenue in your business. You are missing out.

With so many dedicated solutions like WhatsApp Marketing Software, Scripts, Tools and even WhatsApp marketing service at your disposal. Start using WhatsApp today!

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