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List of Working Solutions for WhatsApp Advertising in Malaysia

Here's the review of the best WhatsApp marketing & advertising companies in Malaysia


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February 11, 2017 0 comments

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Now, I know if you have landed on this page then you probably might be thinking. Which is the best WhatsApp Marketing & Advertising company that I should be spending my money on to run successful, scalable, and profitable WhatsApp Advertising campaigns in Malaysia.

We had so many clients come to us from Malaysia who had the same question.

And from time to time. They have tried several local Malaysian companies providing WhatsApp marketing & advertising service to them.

But, mostly came directly to us after realizing that either the company who was providing them with WhatsApp Blasting Service were probably cheating them by promising them credits that they will successfully deliver. Or else they will sell them the copy of a cracked version of the software of ours that the seller got from a private forum providing an older version of our original software.

But, there is an issue. And if you are one of those people who actually bought any of the so called WhatsApp Blasting Service in Malaysia. Or you invested in WhatsApp Blaster from a local Malaysian company. You probably know what I am talking about here, right?

It’s been a serious concern for us too. Because we had so many clients from Malaysia come to us and ask about why the other vendor didn’t deliver. Is WhatsApp marketing dead?

And we had to write this blog post. Just to clarify the same. And I know it might probably get long reading through this blog post. But, I am sure after reading this post. You will be more aware, and more strategic, and more intelligent. If you take the time to go through this article.

So, get a coffee or a beer and keep reading…

Because what I am about to tell you might dazzle you and at the same time. Give you a moment of epiphany where you will be far more intelligent to get scammed by most of the Malaysian sellers selling either cracked version of a so called WhatsApp marketing software that they call WhatsApp Blaster. Or you will come to know about the real secret behind one of the biggest companies in Malaysia selling WhatsApp Blasting Services locally.

But, before I speak a word. Please understand I am not trying to sell you anything.

Nada, I won’t ask you to put your trust, believe me and pay for any service or product in this article. So, stay cozy. Ok?

But, I want you to really know the truth because if you don’t then you might end up losing a lot of money out of your own pocket. Which goes into waste. And then you might probably drop the plan of actually trying REAL WhatsApp Marketing and then profiting from it in your business.

See, WhatsApp marketing & advertising campaigns happen two ways.

  1. Either you purchase the software & channels from a well functional company. And you keep using it to run your own campaigns. Please make sure that the company selling you the software & channels, or any solution for that matter. Works and they have the capability, and the intelligence to keep updating the software in the future. Because if they won’t. Then, your software/solution will stop working. And you will lose the channels. And you probably be burning your pockets over the long term.
  2. Second, you get a WhatsApp Marketing or Advertising company to sell you credits. Now, I know I have clients selling WhatsApp Blasting Service in Malaysia who are successfully, honestly, and quite probably the only vendors who deliver real results with WhatsApp marketing. But, I also know some famous companies in Malaysia like also known as who sell shitty service and they just blame it to the industry while selling you solutions, that other don’t work. And they cheat you, and we are the most honest one. (Coming to think of it. You might probably think of us like that. I truly understand, but take your own judgement)

Any of the above method you choose to go ahead with WhatsApp Blasting with, please make sure that you are taking a very decisive decision when making a purchase. Again, I am not trying to selling you anything. I just want you to have better clarity.

Now, let me tell you about whats happening in Malaysia. And how you can safe-guard yourself from vendors who can probably cheat you.

  1. Till the time you don’t find the person selling you the software be the original creator of the software. Don’t buy. I know some honest companies who when didn’t had a working solution. Completely denied selling the software to their clients. One being, WhatsApp Bulk Sender. Which I promoted for a long time. But, when the things were changing and they didn’t had a solution ready. They completely said NO and never sold anyone. Because it came on their integrity. Now, I am proud to say that it’s a working solution which is exclusively available only to the clients who paid for it. And they are enjoying the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing to blast the hell out of their marketing campaigns and make profits of it.Hence, please and please. Only purchase the original software. Don’t go with cracked version. Because you will end up burning your channels because of WhatsApp updates in future. And if not, then you probably won’t be getting a long term solution to your WhatsApp advertising campaigns. Which I truly hope you want to run successfully, right?
  2. If you buy credits, go with lower amount first. Because you need to first test the company with where they promise you with the results. Don’t buy large credits in one go. Because if you will, and you pay in advance. You might probably never get the refund and the company will say that they have already sent the messages from their platform, tool, script, software and it’s your marketing messages that didn’t get the response.
  3. If you end up buying an old WhatsApp advertising software from any company in Malaysia. Then, please don’t end up wasting your time to actually get a real solution.In my previous articles on this websites, I have written about the major problems that most of the WhatsApp marketing, advertising and blasting solutions fail to deliver. Make sure you read them first. And then take your own call.

Now, in the end. You must be wondering whom to trust and whom not to trust. Well, see. We deal in the business of selling WhatsApp Blasting Solutions to people who sell WhatsApp Blasting Service in Malaysia. And I can’t take anyone’s name. Because then, that will be liking preferring to speaking about people from a long list of clients.

But, any client from Malaysia that we had. Is guaranteed to get the best services and products if they ever buy from us. And that’s the reason why we have been serving in the market since more then 4 years.

If you want to get onboard with us, directly. That’s fine. But, when you buy a service/any software product locally. Please take these points into your head before you buy from anyone.

P.S. This post was written. Just because of our client selling WhatsApp Blasting Service made this as a concern of why people in Malaysia had so many such complaints. Hope this helps clarify to all the people reading this.

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