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February 20, 2017 0 comments

If you are looking for Cheap WhatsApp marketing service then this article is a must read for you. Find out the real secret behind cheapest WhatsApp marketing providers & resellers.

I understand that you might be looking for a cost effective & cheaper alternative to operating large scale WhatsApp marketing campaigns. But, here’s what you need to know before you purchase from any vendor.


So, you searched on Google and found so many variations in terms of pricing for different service providers, vendors, services and products which allows you to send WhatsApp messages to huge list of contacts in one go. Right?

Well, we get a lot of queries from people just like you who ask for discount when they purchase any of our products & services. But, then they go somewhere else and find a drastic price difference between our price and others price.

And once they find any cheaper alternative which commits them handsome messaging credits for a VERY VERY LOW PRICE. They go ahead and buy them.

Congratulations. You finally got a really good deal.

BUT, with a CAVEAT.

Most probably the person selling you WhatsApp marketing credits for a very unbelievable price might be dooming you into a different reality.

You know why?

Because he is going to not deliver 100% of the messages that you were committed as part of the credits you bought from them.

Imagine this, if we want to sell you services just for the sake of it. We can offer you a discount too. But, frankly. We won’t.

That’s because we believe in working honestly, and transparently. And rather not work with you one time. But, again and again. And again!

That’s because we know. When you buy service from us one time. That’s just one sample campaign or may be one particular campaign that might require you to test our service. And then, you will work with us long term if we deliver what we commit.

And that’s one of the reasons why our pricing might seem high for many people.

(Pricing in fact is just a perceived value. Let’s say you sell a real estate project. For you, getting one conversion out of 100s of 1000s of messages will bring you 1200x your ROI. Where as if you are selling a widget for 1$, getting an ROI back will be really difficult!)

But, one promise that I can make to you is that you won’t ever have any issues in terms of your message NOT being delivered.

Once, our system verifies & validates all the active WhatsApp numbers from your list of phone number.

We will make sure that every single message goes out to your list when you start your campaigns.

And we know once we deliver you with that kind of premium quality service and products. You will not only refer us to more clients. But, use our service multiple times.

There are so many people who just go with the price. And we just have to ask them to go, try other service, and then try with a smaller volumes with us and see the difference.

This will not only give you a real time experience between the difference in our delivery & what that Cheaper WhatsApp Marketing Company provided you with 😉

Just go ahead and take your own choice.

I just wanted to highlight.

Sometimes, cheap ain’t cheaper. And quality doesn’t come without a decent price.

Go and signup for our free trial account. WhatsApp us at +16464480344 and we are just a message away. 😉


Get 100% FREE Two Days Free Trial Version Today!

World's Most Advanced WhatsApp Marketing Software

It's free!
100% free guaranteed full version!
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