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by Dev Dev in WhatsApp Marketing Tool
February 5, 2017 0 comments

WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Bulk Messaging & Promotions

As many of you know there are multiple tools available for sending WhatsApp messaging. Tools like Bulk WhatsApp Sender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WhatsApp Blaster Software, WhatsApp Marketing Panel, WhatsApp Bulk Suite, WAPP Bulk, Queensoft, and so many others.

But, I want to talk to you guys about the new software/script that’s released for sale by with the name WA BULK PANEL

This is a new web based WhatsApp marketing panel that allows you to not only send WhatsApp messages but also has some additional features that I believe no other software till this time exists like this in WhatsApp marketing industry.

Here are some great features of this software:

  1. Automatic Channel Registration: Now, so good bye to registering each WhatsApp channels manually one by one using WART Registration Tool or finding WhatsApp channels using WhatsApp Channel Finder, WhatsApp Channel Generator and any of these kinds of Channel Registration Software.The script is integrated with automatic channel registration tool that is integrated with SMS Gateway API allowing you to directly buy credits from different companies providing you credits to register these channels. You can create USA, Canda, Philippines, Russian Channels all on auto pilot. On demand.This gives you fresh, secure, and newly registered channels as per your requirement. Allowing you to scale your campaigns to as many big numbers that you want to achieve while operating your Whatsapp marketing campaigns for sending promotions and promoting your products & services.
  2. Multi Level User Management System: Earlier, whenever you wanted to run your Whatsapp campaigns you could only do it for yourself. Now, with this software’s new feature. You can register Resellers under you and resellers can register users under them. You can sell WhatsApp credits to your resellers and define how many credits you want to give to your clients for Text, Images, and Video messages. And then resellers can utilize these credits as per their requirement and the main admin (You as master admin) can approve the marketing campaigns. This allows you to now start reselling WhatsApp credits and make money by selling WhatsApp marketing service to any country across the globe. Giving you a handsome opportunity to enter the world of WhatsApp marketing and become a leader in providing excellent WhatsApp Reseller plans and custom WhatsApp marketing packages.
  3. WhatsApp Filtration Tool: Most of the software that allow you to check for active WhatsApp numbers only do so by providing you list of active and nonactive WhatsApp numbers. This then allows you to run campaigns on only WhatsApp numbers. To safe guard your channels from getting blocked because your software system could send a message to a nonactive WhatsApp numbers, getting your channels alerted as a messaging script, blocking your number.But, this script allows you to go even further!Now, you can filter your active WhatsApp numbers based on the last seen online status. So, let’s say you only want to send messages to people who were last online in the past 24 hours. Giving you the likely hood of targeting only the MOST active users on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Filter Tool integrated in this script allows you to do just that. You can filter numbers based on the last seen status of each WhatsApp contacts in your list. Giving you a chance to get the maximum response to your WhatsApp blasting promotions.
  4. Two types of WhatsApp Messaging Campaigns: Unlike other software that only allow you to send simple text, images, and video campaigns on a single number each time a message is sent. In this script, you get the option to either send a simple individual messaging campaign along with WhatsApp Group Campaign. Confused? Let me explain:In group messaging campaign, the software creates a WhatsApp group automatically, add members into the group, and then puts your text, images, video messages in this group and then deletes all the users part of the group. This then allows you to reach to upto 256 members in single group in one go. Allowing you to add multiple members in multiple groups and reach upto 1000+ people in single session. I have tested this feature and it works perfectly, without getting SPAM reported by any WhatsApp user since by the time they will report SPAM in WhatsApp they are already deleted from the group and your message is seen by all the members automatically.This feature alone justifies the price of getting WA Bulk Panel!
  5. Segment Contacts into Contact Groups: We know how confusing it gets when we have to run multiple campaigns targeting different set of people in your contact lists. And specially when you are running marketing campaigns for your clients then it gets really difficult to manage your WhatsApp contact lists. That’s why you can now segment people based on contact’s group campaign name. Let’s say “Morgan company” has it’s individual set of numbers and company 2, “Stefen’s List” is another list. And so on. So, when you want to run a campaign for Morgan company. Then, select Morgan company contact list and campaign will operate only to the specified list of contacts under Morgan company name.This allows you to upload multiple list of contacts in multiple category. Making it very easy to manage your list of contacts and segment them based on their previous response.
  6. Automatic Proxy Allocation System: In most of the tools, software and scripts that you will run your WhatsApp promotion campaigns on. The software either used a 3rd Party Proxy/VPN Solution to change the IP address. And even if it use to change the IP address. You never had control over which IP address will be dedicated for each individual set of channels. That’s why each time any operation use to run. The channels use to get a new IP address everytime while operating and processing your request.WA Bulk Panel allows you to dedicated attach an IP address to a group of WhatsApp channels. So, next time whenever you do any kind of operations from these channels, the channels will only login from the specific IP address that’s dedicated to that particular WhatsApp number. Allowing you to safely operate multiple campaigns with full control over how your IP addresses are being used. And incase your IP address get’s blacklisted from WhatsApp server. The software will automatically block that IP address from your system and hence, you never have to worry about losing WhatsApp channels because of that.
  7. Channel Blocking Security Options: Most of the software, scripts fail to do this. Whenever there is any update that comes in new version of WhatsApp. Your channels are automatically blocked. In WA Bulk Panel whenever there is any such new update noticed. It stops the software after a specific number of channels are getting blocked continuously. This saves you from that headache of getting all your channels blocked. And the script once the new version comes automatically prompts you to upgrade to latest version to continue running your campaigns.
  8. Change Profile Picture, Status Messages & Nick Name on WhatsApp Channels: The software will automatically upload new profile pictures, status messages and dedicated nick names that can be seen on WhatsApp on iPhone devices. Giving you the liberty to do brand promotions by having special offers or one time offers on your WhatsApp channels by showcasing your branded messages in display picture and call to action messages in status of your dedicated WhatsApp channels.You can hence give your clients an option to have their personal branding in all promotions you do for them.Now, let’s talk about the most awaited feature that everyone in the WhatsApp marketing industry was looking out for!
  9. WhatsApp Automation Mode: This script runs on auto pilot creating peer to peer natural conversations between your peer channels uploaded into the system. Confused, what that means?Well, let me explain…Let’s say you have 1000 Channels uploaded into the software/script. The panel will automatically dedicate a list of contacts for each individual channels as common friends (Just like we have in real life!) And then from time to time. These channels will send each other natural conversational message to each other. Showcasing a normal user behavior between it’s peer channels. So, then WhatsApp counts these channels as normal users talking to their buddies on WhatsApp. This showcases a trust factor into WhatsApp server system. And hence, your ability to send messages on a daily basis using these channels is astonishingly increased!

    I can’t tell you. But, there is no such system on this planet so far. That can do that as yet!

  10. Many more: There are many other features along with admin options given to the end user. To give full control over your messaging and other operations automation within this tool. Giving this tool a competitive edge in the marketplace vs all the rest of the solutions available out on the web.

Now, let’s talk about what you can do once you have a system like this working for you:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Campaigns:
    You can promote affiliate offers, pay per call offers, CPA campaigns, Pay Per Lead campaigns if you are an online marketer who wants to promote mobile friendly affiliate campaigns. And if you are smart then you can find targetted numbers in any industry and run big numbers campaign to get high conversions.Remember, anyone who receives the message on WhatsApp has 99% likelyhood of opening a message from an unknown contact. Just because of the curiousity it triggers inside a normal human mind. Giving you the highest open rate then any other marketing medium available right now. Whether you compare these numbers with SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing or heck, even Google AdWords campaign the price vs the response rate has so much upper leverage!
  2. WhatsApp Promotional Campaigns:
    If you are a strategic marketer then you can start promoting any product or service using this kind of state of an art system. You have a powerful marketing tool at your disposal which gives you the ability to reach out unlimited list of contacts on WhatsApp which is the largest and the most engaging messaging app on the planet with more then 1 Billion plus active users communicating daily with their friends, family and collegues!
  3. Feedback & Survey Marketing Campaigns:
    Let’s say you operate a chain of restaurants around your area. If not you, then your neighboring business owners do that.You receive bookings on a daily basis. And people come to your restaurant or nightclub on a daily basis.What if you start incentivizing people for giving you their phone number?

    And once you have their phone number. You reach out to them the next day asking about their feedback of their experience at your place in exchange for 10-30% discount on their next purchase?

    This first of all re-activates your old clients like wildfire and then re-engages them to make further future purchase.

    You can even send weekly special offers, discounts and promote gigs of special events and promote time limited offers for your slow days at your place!

    With WhatsApp marketing, you can do so many things based entirely on your creativity and engaging campaigns!

  4. Grow Your Contact List of Highly Engaging Customers & Clients: 

    You can start adding more value to people who exchange their WhatsApp numbers with you in exchange for special offers, deals, and something that tempts the person to exchange his/her contact with you.This will allow you to rapidly grow your marketing list. Just like how marketers grow their email list to develop more trust, build rapport and then start multiplying their business by providing resonating offerings of products & services.

    You can do the same with WhatsApp marketing by growing your WhatsApp contact list which can turn out to be a very lucrative, profitable, and resourceful asset in your business. If only, you know how to utilize this marketing tool.

There are so many ways people have started utilizing WhatsApp marketing in their business to quadruple their income, growth, and revenue. If you are still not sure, why you should be using WhatsApp marketing in your business.

Then, provide your name and email address below on this page. And I will send you my free copy of WhatsApp Marketing Playbook that provides in-depth strategy, tactical case studies, and video training 100% free, to get you started.

Please comment with how you have been using WhatsApp as a marketing tool in your business. I would love to hear your feedback and will reach back with my suggestions and answers to questions you might have for me.

Hope you liked this article, and if so. Then, feel free to share, like, comment and make it part of your marketing medium in 2017!

To your success! Cheers!


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