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August 10, 2014 0 comments

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Are you tired of getting your WhatsApp account banned because you are restricted to sending 100-300 messages ONLY from one whatsapp account? Imagine if you can send WhatsApp messages to any number without the hassle of using your mobile app?

We present you with WhatsApp Marketing Software that allows you to send text, audio, video, contact files, GPS Location to any no. of WhatsApp contacts!

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software


You can now reach your prospects & customers using WhatsApp and broadcast your WhatsApp Marketing messages using our solution with just a click of a button.

Here are few features of our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software:

  • Reach any WhatsApp number globally: Our software is designed to reach any WhatsApp number without the limitation of how many numbers you can send messages. Once, you have this power of marketing. You can open yourself to the world of opportunity which is now available. Target any geography, any area, any place. If the person has a WhatsApp active number. You can send them any message!
  • Ability to send videos via WhatsApp: The software allows you to upload the video of your choice from our software panel. And then send this video to unlimited number of WhatsApp contact database that you provide the system to send this video.
  • Ability to send images & photos via WhatsApp: Did you ever tried sending images via WhatsApp? Is it not a tiresome job? What if you could automate sending images on WhatsApp? Our solution does the very same thing. All again across unlimited numbers added into the database at no extra cost.
  • Ability to recieve WhatsApp Replies: What happens when you send your WhatsApp marketing campaigns? You would expect your users to reply back right? Well, our software allows you to receive replies from all the numbers that you sent the message on. That ways you can track which campaign performed better and which ones not. And once, you know the numbers that replied to your campaign. You can re-target and send them another message across!
  • Automated Marketing on Steroids: Alright, the steriod part might be over exagerated but anyways. You don’t have to rely on character limit like the one you have with your SMS marketing campaign. Duh, 160 character or you pay for another text message. With WhatsApp Marketing not only can you send longer messages but you can attach audio, video, images parellely with your text messages. And you don’t have to stay awake and do anything apart from setting the campaign one time and then boom, let the magic happen.
  • Reduce your bills: No more relying on text messages and its sending limit. No more short messages with huge pricing. With our software you pay once, setup the system and then you are ready to go.

Alright, we know the WhatsApp Marketing market, and we know their are other people charing per WhatsApp, etc. But, the thing is most of these vendors either charge too much or else if you get any working solution. The developer will run away when it comes to providing support. Our team is just the opposite. Our team of mad scientist go all-nighters and get the issue resolved ASAP. That’s because we believe in customer support. We believe in providing the best customer experience.

Its exactly…what you are looking for. We know.

Fill out the form below and say Hi. Let us guide you through how the software works. And we get talking. We don’t charge you for talking, don’t worry 😉

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Get 100% FREE Two Days Free Trial Version Today!

World's Most Advanced WhatsApp Marketing Software

It's free!
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